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We understand the importance of providing a sense of security to both our infants and their parents/guardians. Parents document the unique needs of their child’s care including eating schedules, daily routines and what comforts their child throughout the day. Your individual needs are discussed with their caregiver while parents and their infants visit the center before enrollment begins. These visits are designed to introduce you and your child to the caregiver, set-up of the child’s crib and cubby with their personal belongings and to simple develop a relationship with your caregiver. The visits are free of charge and are encouraged to insure a smooth transition on your first day at the center. Our “open-door” policy allows you to visit the center at any time. Our infant center is set-up to insure safety. As a result, we have a “Junior Infant” area that accommodates children 6 weeks to 12 months and a “Senior Infant”  area that accommodates children that are 12 months to 24 months. Each area incorporates toys and equipment that encourages development specific to that age group. In addition, it creates a separation between two age groups that are working on very different skills. 

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